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Help CEDE Philly and enjoy America's National Pastime!

The students are coming up with some fantastic ideas to help build a culture of vocation in Philly!

To build a budget for all they have planned, CEDE Philly is participating in the R-Phils Ticketbook fundraiser.

We are selling books of six undated general admission tickets for $39.

(These tickets may be used in any combination for any 2022 regular season home game)


The best part?


CEDE Philly will receive $14 for each ticket book sold!

If we sell 100 books or more, we will receive $16 for each ticket book sold!


Please visit to purchase your ticket book. 


1.    Type in CEDE Philly for the “Organization Name”

2.    Type in the name of a CEDE Philly Student (or just CEDE Philly) for the “Name of the Seller”

3.    Select how you’d like to receive your tickets (email, text, or mailed).


The R-Phils will either email, text or mail your tickets to you within the next 7 days!


Please help us spread the word!

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