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CEDE Philly is organizing a group to attend the Catholic Youth Summer Camp in Centerburg, OH during the week of July 9-14 and we want as many high schoolers from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to join us as possible!

look below for more information and to let us know that you are interested. You can find more information about the camp at We have also provided some answers to questions you might have.

We ask that you return this interest form no later than September 19.

Why are we talking about summer camp in September?

CEDE Philly has been given the opportunity to reserve spots for our high school students before general registration opens on October 3. This camp has been known to fill up in one day, so this is our best chance to ensure that any Philly teens who want to attend will be able to! We have until September 22 to let the camp know how many slots we would like to reserve.


When is arrival and departure? How do we get there and back?

Camp check-in is early afternoon on Sunday, July 9. Camp ends with Mass and mid-afternoon departure on July 14. CEDE Philly will help organize transportation, and will have more details once attendance numbers are confirmed.


How much does it cost?

The fee for camp is $570, which covers everything but transportation to and from Ohio. Plan on an extra $100 or so for transportation through CEDE Philly. Once we have attendance numbers, we will be able to have a more definite cost for transportation.


This seems expensive. Will there be any scholarships, fundraising, etc.?

CEDE Philly is committed to helping our teens embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and learn how to be good stewards of the gifts they have. We see this as an excellent opportunity to give our students first hand experience with budgeting and saving, as well as an opportunity to develop their business skills and create value for others and themselves. Any interested student will be guided in making a detailed plan as to how they will pay their way to camp. The group as a whole will be aided in any fundraising/business efforts they would like to pursue. (This will be student-directed, and we do not expect parents to run fundraisers!)


When would payment be due?

We will be offering an installment plan with due dates in January, March, and May.


If I sign up on this interest form, am I committed to going to camp?

No. This initial form is intended to help us get a rough idea of how many students are interested before we make a reservation on September 22. We will be in touch with you individually after you submit your form.


When would I have to make my final commitment?

We will be getting students going on their financial plans in October, but final commitment would be needed by the time the first installment payment is due in January. There may be opportunities for refunds up to 4 weeks before camp, but we can't guarantee this.


Will chaperones be present?

CEDE Philly will have chaperones present for the trip to and from camp, but the students will primarily be under the direction of camp staff during their week.


What if I have other questions?

Just put them in the form below and we will get back to you!

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