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find your why

On three weeknights this summer, we will use the CEDE material to help you:

  • test some of your assumptions

  • practice using tools of discernment

  • discover what motivates you

  • explore how this all fits within the scope of our Catholic faith


July 6-Session 1: Unique and Unrepeatable

Questions to explore:

  • What does it mean to have a personal vocation?

  • How can we create a culture of vocation in philly?

practical application:

define plans for end of summer celebration for high school students in the archdiocese of Philadelphia​

digital culture.png

July 2o-Session 2: the role of technology

Questions to explore:

  • how can technology build a culture of vocation?

  • what are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of digital communication?

practical application:

decide how to invite others to end of summer celebration

Park in the Fall

august 11-Session 3: looking ahead

Questions to explore:

  • what worked and what did not work this summer?

  • where do we go from here?

practical application:

final preparations for end of summer celebration

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