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All through the summer, there will be chances to earn gold CEDE Coins. The more coins you earn, the better your chance of getting one of the fabulous prizes that will be available at the end of the summer! While there will always be opportunities to earn coins at our in-person gatherings, we also wanted to extra provide opportunities to earn coins outside of the meeting times. These are optional, but we think you will find them worthwhile!

Deadline: july 19

1. At the first CEDE Lab, we discussed plans in terms of project management/finance, product development, and marketing/communications. Let's look at it from the perspective of ministry, event planning, and tech support. Each of the forms below is worth up to 160 CEDE Coins.

2. Invite friends to the CEDE Lab on July 20. For every new person who attends and gives your name, you will receive 10 CEDE Coins.

Deadline: august 14

1. Watch the Moral Compass presentation by Andreas Widmer and submit the reflection prompt to earn 100 CEDE Coins:

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